Beyond measure?

You might be wondering what has become of all our testing and 🎶 measuring, 🎶 of nozzles and ice fountains, of test stands and analytics software. Don’t underestimate us, folks, we always deliver. Because we are … Fill in the blanks and win a coupon for a digital breakfast cereal.

As our super awesome software genius, Tien Huu, explained with fervor, the Engine Analytica software delivered data beautifully, but the data weren’t beautiful. Tough luck. Turns out the ice fountain is suited for cakes and cakes only – surprise! Well, Engine Analytica – or its human translator, Tien, taught us that, although the burn was consistent for an extended period (this is what we were having an eye on), it only provided a small amount of thrust for a very time. Gone our dream of a rocket soaring slowly, but powerfully – easy on the eye and the video capture.

Our tech team had come up with two different nozzle versions. Although we did see more concise thrust with the elongated nozzle, it did not lead to a landslide improvement. So we tossed the idea altogether.

From this test sequence we also learned that the sampling rate needed to be improved. Tien has already taken care of it, the update has been installed.

You can find more details and great video documentation on this test series in the R&D section of the OxidanSky website.

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