The OxidanSky Team


  • Oleg Boltonov: CTO and Chief Hardware Engineer
  • Freya Thorgeirsdottir: CAO and Head of HR and Diversity
  • Iridia Enasteriou: COO and Head of Satellite Operations
  • Huber Pom: Flight Director / Controller
  • Cato Stroppo: Launch Disaster Analyst and Liaison Officer to aviation authorities
  • Daphne Desna: Back Office
  • Don Ramón Hidalgo Romero de los Rios Santos y Fuentes Voladores: ***
    Chief Oxidan Rocket Contractor
  • Al Gluckspringer: Guardian of Good Fortune
  • Joe Pregenzer: Rocket Principal Integration Engineer
  • Auguste Frenet: Resupply Officer
  • Mr. Steven Gadget: Recovery Expert
  • DJane Blue Eyed Fish: Musical Curator
  • Arranque Aumentar: Research and Development
  • Cosmina Rachetescu: Marketing Specialist
  • Aurora: Transplanetary Counsellor
  • Tien Huu: Chief Software Engineer
  • Loki Laxness: PR & Communications Officer
  • Ramesh Singh: Space Telescope Liaison Officer
  • Cedric Oyeyemi: Security Officer
  • Manning Black: Planetary Protection Officer
  • L.E. Gator: Range Supervisor

*** Who does this guy think he is with this weapon of massive layout destruction kind of name?

Honorary Member:

  • Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications

Former Staff:

  • Aleks Vansky: CEO and Chief Mastermind