Flare Captures

Here are some of Iridia’s best captures of those beautiful flares. All shots have been taken with the awesome Nightcap App and a smartphone.
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The touristy satellites

Flares in the hood

Window shots

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Flare videos

A -4.4 mag flare of Iridium 84 on 13 August 2018 at 03:27 near Vienna, Austria.
The flare seemed much brighter than the -4.4. It displayed a beautiful burst of light: #flarewell

A double flare caught on instant video: Iridium satellites 6 (mag -8) and 51 (mag -5) within 6 seconds (video by Boltonov):

Iridium 97, already retired into parking orbit due to replacement by SV 107, delivered one of the most beautiful flares ever: Due to the bright moon the satellite became visible only very briefly before its flared maxed as it was flying right into the moon and was swallowed by its bright light.

Unfortunately I was not yet aware of the Nightapp Camera at that time. The footage was made with just hitting the record button on an ordinary smartphone and therefore is very poor. But the experience was breathtaking and stunning. You can tell our excitement from the original sound:

Iridium 84, a -7.2 mag flare on the beautiful evening of July 6, 2014 near Vienna.
This is what happens when you find out there’s a flare in 30 seconds and you just point your smartphone camera “somewhere Northeast” 😂
Best viewed on a large screen.In case you have not yet spotted the flare, glue your eyes to the bottom edge of the frame: