Tribute Videos

Iridium satellite deorbit: A fine parody

Watch OxidanSky perform our final Iridium-themed mission: the life of five satellites from orbiting to being deboosted to tumbling and reentering. We’ve done it all!

A Flare lovers’ talk: Tribute to the Final Flarewell

Iridia made a tribute video for Iridium’s Final Flarewell event along the deorbit of SV 97. For that purpose, she talked to some awesome fellow Flare lovers about their personal Flare histories, photo captures, quirks and eccentricities. Of course the Catch The Iridium project and its community play a big role. And what about the future? Watch here:

Iridia’s message to Iridium

Since it’s so hard to say the last goodbye, Iridia added a very personal message to the people at Iridium, talking about what the whole experience has meant to her beyond the Flares: