Iridium Fansite

Most of the world already knows, but you might be new here: We are fans of the Iridium Satellite constellations – Block 1 and NEXT. We can’t help it and we won’t apologize. But if you come across a vaccine, let us know. No, don’t.

Here you find a collection of what it means to be a fan. And the creative fallout of fandom. Iridium and their breathtakingly smooth exchange of satellite constellations has spurred our creativity to the extent that we

  • did parody emulations of the Iridium NEXT launches and satellite deployments, starting off as complete newbies to the world of rocketry
  • did tribute performances that were ten times as funny as parties and a hundred times more effort than putting the beer into the fridge
  • learned how to do cartoon videos and use the most inappropriate props to say exactly what we wanted to say
  • learned how to capture stable as well as tumbling Iridium Flares in stills and on video
  • kept diaries on the orbital maneuvers following some of the Iridium NEXT launches, covering the technical aspects as well as some gossip about the satellites
  • played games on the slot-swap satellite pairs and their rendezvous in orbit  (that’s were a lot of the gossip went into)
  • and probably much more that me can’t even remember. We might remember later though – because memory is a tricky thing. But that’s a different story. So in short: There could be more. Come back and check it out!

Having said that, aren’t we awesome? Just a rhetorical question – of course we are!