WTF is OxidanSky?

OxidanSky is the world’s only parody space agency doing real stuff (you didn’t know this was a thing, did you?). We are therefore, by definition, the most awesome of all.
How do we know we are the one and only? Simple: We didn’t check. Ignorance is bliss. Not when it comes to science, though. And science is what we love.

We love all things space, all things that fly (except flies – we try to kill them, which oftentimes is harder than rocket design), we love all things up in the sky and many things that are small but hold a microprocessor. We talk about stuff like this all the time and drive a few people nuts. But most folks feel quite inspired by our enthusiasm and our achievements. Which are, of course, awesome, as you might already have guessed. Some of them can be marveled at on our website for the nerds.

On a slightly more serious note (it won’t last long, we promise!) we see it as part of our mission to make space and tech topics fun, relatable, transparent and – have we already said fun? Everything on our blog and website is part of real missions we do. From research and studying to designing and manufacturing, from rocket launches to night sky photography and parody performances.

But it gets even more awesome: We love open source hardware and therefore we try to put a lot of tech stuff up for you guys – time permitting (Drop us a line if you are missing something). So you can copy and paste all the fun into your lives. Which makes you nearly as awesome as we are. Well, by a margin …

We usually work from scratch with gear cost in the two digit range. When it gets to three digits, we might hyperventilate, call for a team meeting, kill some flies and purchase the gear. You see, you don’t need to be a billionaire to have fun with higher altitudes.

But hey, why are you hanging around on our About site while you could be looking at really awesome stuff on our blog or website? Now that we ask, we are sure that you’ve already had this question rolling around in your head, right? Now go!