Solid as a rock(et)

For our upcoming gorgeous launch program that we have not yet told you about, we plan to use solid fuel boosters. Now that we’re out of the closet with that, we might as well let you in on the fact that we always start small. Yes, even with rockets. Because we always want to rockit.

Our first booster tests will be done using a gimmick that you might want to find on your birthday cake – in case you still celebrate such occasion. If not, put it on your kid’s birthday cake and have fun! We prefer our cakes with icing instead of ice fountain explosives, but we’re more into boosters than pastry anyway, so let’s leave the cream and turn to solid ground. Which we’ll soon leave with solid fuel anyway.

One sticky issue with the fire-cracker-turned-rocket is the nozzle. Well, it simply doesn’t have one, it’s useless. So his ingenious Highness Oleg Boltonov developed a nozzle. As one does on a long evening with uncomfortable weather. We have already briefly introduced you to the idea earlier.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-19 um 00.10.34

This illustration shows our 🎵 solid-as-a-rock 🎶 nozzle encasing the booster. It is solely intended to make you curious about the specifications of our nozzle. You sure can’t wait to find them in our website’s R&D section.

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