In thrust we trust

… But only if 🎶 we can dance to it 🎶 or know everything about it. That’s how awesome we are. Our tech team rolled up their sleeves and got everything in place to find out how much trust we can put into our thrust. In measurable units, that is. Incredulous by-standers got the following explanation by our ever so instructive Head of R&D, Arranque Aumentar: With this contraption, we can weigh the thrust of our tiny test boosters. Because we always start tiny and explode from there. Pun intended or not, we’re not yet sure and will keep you updated.


Sure as fire there’s some cool software to go with the test stand developed by team Boltonov, logging all the data. Our wildly underreported superfantastic Chief Software Engineer Tien Huu is totally enamoured with this marvel telling us how the booster is performing. We expect our first static engine test to take place in February.


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