The Falcon Heavy Blues

The maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy was such a mindblowing and epic event that we’re having a hard – or should we say – heavy time getting back to normal. It’s a weird mix of feeling elated and exhausted at the same time, the world not being the same as it was before.

Head full of inspiration, rocket porn (we stole that term from @FFairing on Twitter) and feeling sort of bluesy, what else to do but sing the blues – or let others sing it for us? Nick Cave’s Higgs Boson Blues comes to mind and is a will- and wonderful blueprint for slaughtering selected parts of the lyrics with some Heavy innuendo. Here we go:

The Falcon Heavy Blues

Can’t remember anything at all
Flame trees lined the pad
Can’t remember anything at all
But I’m driving my car down to Ceres

Who cares, who cares what the future brings?
Black road long and I drove and drove
Came upon no crossroad
The night was hot and black
I see David Bowie
Waiting in the sky, he’d like
To come and meet us, but
He thinks he’d blow our minds

Driving my car
Flame trees, no fire
Sitting and singing
The Falcon Heavy Blues
I’m tired, I’m looking for a spot to drop
All the clocks have stopped in orbit now

And if I die tonight
Bury me in my favourite cherry-red Tesla groove.
Can you feel my heart beat?
Can you feel my heart beat?

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