Testing of launch cameras

With all our missions, it is important to us to have good documentation. Why? Because it’s much more fun if other people can watch the whole craziness as well. While we think truly big (the sky is definitely not the limit of Aleks Vansky’s mind), we prefer to start very small (we’re humble creatures, apart from being totally awesome). Like the tests we ran for shooting launches in slow motion: one small step for man …

So watch us test our slo-mo launch cameras:

Here’s us testing one of the cameras on a mini rocket. Well, what? It was New Year’s Day, allow us some fun!

But you ain’t seen nothing yet: The second video shows us running a test with another camera on one of our adorably bouncy double flips:

Unbelievable how long it took the flip to ignite. And the plumes really are not in a hurry, huh?

Not a bad way to start the New Year, we thought!

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