Water of love

Time is warped, no doubt about it. Because it can’t be that it’s not even a year since we took our first steps with Oxidan rockets. Progress happened very fast, because … well, we are awesome! So here’s a throwback to some Oixdan premieres.

First, we had to up our intake of yucky beverages for acquisition of booster material. Next, we tested the flight capabilities of the various receptacles. The most suitable one was from a soft drink that is best enjoyed with a healthy dose of gin.

It flew like a pro, but looked crap. So our chief designer (Who is that, by the way? We don’t know) sat down and gave it some serious makeover. What you see in the pics was the most elegant of the early versions, the Horizon III. Design rocks, and ours is of course particularly awesome.

We are surprised again and again at how conscious things can be. Our fancy Horizon III said this one afternoon as we were readying it for launch:

Got the flats all around me, sky up above
Yes, I need a little water of love.

Horizon was of course quoting the legendary song “Water of Love” by the Dire Straits. Looking at the female protagonist in the video you instantly know why: She looks exactly like Horizon doing a veil dance! And water is obviously a main ingredient of our Oxidan rockets’ propulsion system.


Later versions of the booster were named H2riseOn. You can play with name and its hidden meanings. As we do all the time.

We love reusability and didn’t want our stylish boosters to crash. Aleks Vansky ordered the design of an all-encompassing reusability and recovery program, which is still in progress and started like this:

Our highly appraised Developer Arranque Aumentar (he’s awesome, but let’s keep that a secret for now) was seen with clouds of steam around his skull for a couple of days. But soon he burst into the kitchen in our headquarters with the news that made Oleg Boltonov spit his coffee all over poor Daphne Desna, our back office fairy: The parachute design was ready!

Part of the team ventured to a charming village with Sunday Morning Coming Down playing in their heads. Because this was exactly what they wanted the rocket to do: come down on this dreamy Sunday morning, but slowly, please, and dangling from the brandnew chute. So here’s how it all came down:

And that at the very first attempt! If you don’t think this is super awesome, there’s clearly something wrong with you. Vansky, being who he is, didn’t stop there and wanted more awesome stuff. So the hardware guys went back to work and came up with an onboard camera. Watching the incredible footage – you even can see the chute deploy – still makes us happy today.  So we share it here with you to make your day more awesome:

Find out more about the development of our Oxidan rockets.

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