Throwback to solar eclipse 2015

Throwback to March 20, 2015 when the solar eclipse in the Northern hemisphere was just too tempting to not get involved:

Totally eclipsed

Most of the OxidanSky team ventured to the Faroe Islands to get the full goodie of a total eclipse. The crew around our CEO Aleks Vansky did not shun rough trips and nauseating swell on boats and ferries to get to those beautiful, but insanely remote isles in the middle of nowhere waters.

Freya Thorgeirsdottir, Huber Pom, Auguste Frenet, L.E. Gator, Arranque Aumentar, Cedric Oyeyemi and, of course, Oleg Boltonov all lined up, packed in survival gear, to watch the sun disappear. And got to know the fickle nature of Faroen weather. They managed to get great shots of the eclipse, but the clouds drew a veil of moody gloom over the totality. Tough luck, fellas! Go for more images

Totally nailed it

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew experienced the eclipse in a trendy urban setting. Iridia Enasteriou, Loki Laxness, Manning Black, Tien Huu and Daphne Desna gathered around the trendy coffee tables of a Vienna street cafe in central Vienna. They enjoyed not only their frothy lattes, but also spotless blue skies with not even a hint of a cloud. This was probably the work of Aurora, our transplanetary medium. And in case you wonder about Ramesh Singh – we have no idea whether he was there or not. He is such a quiet, shy introvert that we mostly are not aware of his presence or absence. Sorry, mate!

The crew around Iridia Enasteriou managed to document every stage of the eclipse, using one heck of an astonishing equipment: a cardboard Newtonian telescope and a smartphone. But, alas, it was only a partial eclipse at their location – you can’t have it all. So joy and misery were evenly spread between the two teams. Take a look at the whole eclipse gallery.


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