aSpIrm-3 mission brief

aSpIrM Launches 1 and 2 always had the next iteration in mind. We did a main mission and a test launch for the next bigger step. This put a lot of pressure on the main mission while at the same time distracting us from our main objective.

For aSpIrM-3 scheduled for 14/15 August, we are taking a different approach: There will not be a main mission accompanied by various test launches, but we have defined a main objective for the mission and will take different routes to achieve this goal.

With more members on our team, we have been able to fork after defining the mission goal and then embark on different paths towards this objective. Some of them involving hi-tech, some low or no tech.

From where things currently stand, we will launch three of these approaches that will all try to deploy ten Iridia satellites with very distinct features and create visuals thereof.

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