The aSpIrM-3 Webcast

aSpIrM-3 was our emulation of the Iridium-7 launch. A memorable one, since Iridium managed to send a stealth rocket to space. Here’s proof – an image of the rocket just before launch:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-30 um 18.00.50

Well, it’s hard to prove that you don’t see something. So either believe us or watch the replay.

But our emulation did not focus on fogging our boosters, we rather conspired with the wind to make some of our satellites disappear. And then there was this playlist thing that Iridium so coolly pulled off. This of course got us started to do our own super awesome rockin’ playlist, as you can imagine.

Before we nearly fully disclose what happened with our aSpIrM-3 launches, there’s something you need to watch first. Just so much for now: While we love all SpaceX launch commentators and their vibrant, fresh and youthful style, we have a very soft spot for John Insprucker as our favorite commentator. He’s so relaxed, so experienced, like nothing in the world could unsettle him, and it is obvious how much he loves what he is doing. So briefly turn to this clip from Iridium-7 where John Insprucker all of a sudden puts on quite a big smile – you will later know why:

Our core mission goal was to really deploy ten satellites and make visuals of the satellites floating in a chain-like formation.

What’s your best guess on how we fared? Find out from our two-part webcast honeycombed with our awesome playlist references.

Here’s Part 1 with awesome launch footage of an OS 3 “Archie” launch with ten Spongebob satellites, two OS 2 “Starmam” launches with ten Iridia satellites each and the best countdown ever:

Part 2 covers an onboard camera recording of an OS 1 “Not Without My Handbag” launch with droneship landing (seriously!), “Archie” flying Dragolino, the first reusable satellite, and a bonus material launch plus drop-dead dazzling story to end the webcast:

Enjoy, be amazed, wiggle and dance!

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