Send-off song contest

Remember the send-off song for our Iridia satellites on our aSpIrM-1 launch? Well, it was somehow – uhm, otherworldly, we have to admit. We also admit that our dear colleague Joe Pregenzer had a point with his remark about the song:

Since we are always eager to learn and improve, particularly when this means having more fun, we devised a scheme: Why stretch our own musical capabilities beyond limit when the world is full of raw talent?

We want YOU to do the send-off song for our rocket and its precious passengers on aSpIrM-2. You being an aspiring musician on Youtube or in your bedroom, a prolific or a fledgling artist. If you love space and rocketry, better yet SpaceX and Iridium and our parody at OxidanSky nearly as much as you love music, this might be a match made in sub-orbit.

We are looking for a space-themed song or a musical piece that reflects the spirit of space exploration and innovation and has a positive attitude.

Send us the link to your send-off song as a comment to the post pinned on our Twitter account. Deadline is April 16, 2018. There will be a public vote (closes April 18, 2018) by measure of the number of likes and a jury vote. We would love to leave the final decision to @IridiumBoss though, provided he gives his consent. If your song is selected, you will become part of the OxiDanceSky Music Crowd and we will feature you on our website and our social media and be very proud of you. Your song will be included in our launch webcast and you will be part of super awesome. Deal?

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