Stop wining!

Update on today’s test launches – there were actually two:

The first one flew our petite Elektra rocket with an A-type motor again to test the effect of the extra weight. The rocket had been equipped with an electronics package and quite a clunky nose cone. This, of course, changed the center of gravity. Elektra only made 23 meters and then literally nose-dived and stuck itself into the mud. Which did not do it any harm.

The second test was done with a C-type motor to examine the extra lift it could provide. According to Vansky, who supervised the test series, Elektra went up in a real fury and quickly disappeared in the cloudy sky, up to 175 meters, out of sight to the gasping OxidanSky team:

After some time that seemed like forever, the rocket came down in two parts:
The ignition for the parachute deploy had been so strong that it burned the string connection to the rocket. The nose cone holding the electronics came down safely on the chute, while the booster landed rather uncomfortably. Due to its very light weight, it did not suffer a lot of damage, though. Vansky holds that it will be able to fly again.

Fun fact: Our flying objects seem to have a penchant for drunk driving: As with our test launch of last week, today’s chute landing of the telemetry package took place in a vineyard. This gives reason for reflection.

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