Delivery accepted

We haven’t yet written about delivery of our rockets, which is gross negligence on such a memorable moment in a man’s life: One of the proudest days of our Chief Mastermind Aleks Vansky was when he could welcome our two brandnew Falcon 9 rockets. The whole thing went down suprisingly fast and smooth. Vansky still fantasizes about his negotiations with SpaceX and how excited he was to finally place an order for not one, but two rockets.

Believe it or not, the beasts were loaded onto a FedEx plane and landed in good old Europe within a very short period of time. Then our two American beauties took a train ride to the OxidanSky headquarters.

Vansky of course supervised the final leg of the trip. Look how happy he is, beaming down from the train! Well, we shared his excitement – all the crew was there, clapping and cheering and being in awe and shock at how huge these things really are!


Here you can see the transport of the second stage and interstage of our Falcon 9 OS 2 by truck, making its way slowly through sharp hills and happy cows, silently humming an odd version of 🎶 Space Truckin’ 🎶


Meanwhile, OS 1 had already arrived on site and was carefully pushed into the hangar.


Here they finally are! Our beautiful rockets have been safely placed in our hangar at OxidanSky headquarters. At first, we felt like in a museum. We tiptoed around them and whispered, as if normal talking would somehow wake them up angry and explode. Vansky, being the pioneer he is, was the first one to touch the rockets. Very carefully – they could have been hot. He then patted them – first like a puppy, then like men do: the buddy pat on the back.


Take a look at the whole shebang to see the size in this video. It’s so impressive:


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