Gimbals, not strengthening the core

Make no mistake, we’ve warned you in the headline: This article is about gimbals, not gym balls. For all you spelling bee winners, there’s nothing wrong with our orthography. You can insist on finding Pilates exercises here or yoga stunts or exercises to help you with incontinence or whatever else you might want to do with a gym ball. But, no matter how sorry we are for you, we cannot help. We feel inclined to tell you to go away, but wait:

On second thought (we always think twice, because we’re awesome, in case you forgot), on second thought we are quite surprised how many things you and your goofy Swiss  ball have in common with rocket gimbals. Wait for it …

Here at OxidanSky, we are all happy campers. The more we rocket, the more bouncy and gleeful we get, nonetheless staying totally focussed on our core missions. Our standards coudn’t be higher (ain’t that awesome?) and we expect the same frogymballm our rockets. We have a zero tolerance policy for bad attitude (no offense to the Deep Purple song of the same name. Purple are genuinely awesome all the time). A bad attitude is a no go for life (we’re happy campers, remember?) and no go for launch.

A rocket with a bad attitude can instantly turn into a weapon and go after your cat, your granny or hit you in the … Not awesome. That’s why our rockets will be controlled by gimbals. Like your stability balls makes you constantly re-adjust your spine to an upright position so that you don’t fall off your goofball, gimbals wiggle below the rocket and direct the thrust vector such that the rocket stays on a good trajectory. At least this is how it’s usually done. But not with us.

Aleks Vansky, our CEO with a mind wider than the known universe, directed our equally awesome Chief Hardware Engineer, Oleg Boltonov, to design the gimbals for our upcoming solid fuel rocket launches. And you know Boltonov – he always delivers awesome stuff. Now look at that: He came up with gimbals that work with actuators controlling the rocket from the top. Isn’t that awesome? And in case you don’t really see anything, this means you have to gimbal over to the full treat of specifications on our website. It’s awesome, we promise!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 10.50.15

But wait, we’re not done yet. Since we’re so awesome, we make very fast progress. So here’s a first attempt at the motor in charge of any gimballing:



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