aSpIrM Umbrella

We got you covered – even without an umbrella. Although we like the idea of you singin’ in the rain with the latter splashing down on our aSpIrM logo … You most likely have already got an umbrella. Or two or three, right? What about doing something awesome for people who would soak up astronomy like a sponge. And for whom it is impossible to get hold of the knowledge and equipment. Except if you chip in:

Astronomers Without Borders

AWB’s mission is to create novel international outreach programs that educate, inform and inspire. To do this, AWB offers programs that expands the minds of people of all ages, and opens up new worlds, and connects people around the globe from different cultures and societies, creating links between our wonderment of the Universe to the worlds of science, education, art and culture. Learn more >>


Donate astronomy equipment

Feel free to draw our attention to other worthwhile causes!