OxidanSky Water Bottle

We strongly advocate reusability, even for your water bottle. So you’re on the right path wanting to buy ours. On the other hand, it doesn’t exist, because we know how you could spend your money even more wisely. How about investing the 19 bucks into someone who might save our ass some day? By becoming an awesome engineer or scientist? Coming up with cool innovations that solve intricate problems? We knew it: You love the idea. Take a look at this:

Base 11

Help us raise $100,000 to put 10 more high-potential, low-resource students into the “Victory Circle” next year — meaning that they are prepared to transfer to a four-year university in a STEM major, land a well-paid STEM job, or launch their own start-up.

Through residency-based paid summer fellowships at the University of Southern California, University of California, Irvine and Caltech, we give underrepresented women and minorities the opportunity to conduct university-level research and execute hands-on projects such as building your own drone or launching a liquid-fueled rocket, all while getting paid and living on campus.

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